Earlier medicines were never prepared and never stored. Handpicked herbs and raw dry herbs were used on the spot for treatment. With forests shaven off and the jungles converted into concrete jungles availability of Medicinal Plants became difficult. The common plants grown in the back yard of every family gave way to Anthurium and Begonias. Raw materials had to be bought from far off places and store had to be built. As Samajam does not give priority to sales of medicines through vendors, the requirement mainly was only for the treatment. With some arrangement with the local people and also with the garden in Samajam medicines are prepared fresh to a certain extent.

The Samajam prepares over 300 traditional formulations in Ayurveda. As it is mandatory, it has acquired the Good Manufacturing Practices' certification also. Samajam also has some very rare proprietary medicines which are used in Therapeutics, Rejuvenation and Cosmetics.The quality, strength and effectiveness of the preparations of Samajam is unquestionably unparalleled. All medicine are prepared strictly sticking on to the formula and no medicine will carry the message "without this or that". The general tendency seen in the market, as the demand for Ayurvedic Preparations shot up to sky high, is that even when some ingredients are not available due to the pressure from the market the manufacturer sells the medicine with a remark on the label "without gold" etc. Then the composition becomes incomplete and medicine ineffective. Samajam medicines are always in full, strictly conforming to its composition. Stringent quality control effectively executed at every stage of the preparation, right from procurement of raw materials to its packing gives Samajam medicines its present value.

Poomulli Neelakandan Namboodiripad Memorial Ayurveda Medical College



The century old system of manufacturing is still followed in Samajam. The heat has to be controlled and hence the fire wood has to be Tamarind. The vessel made of fine Bronze with strict control over its proportion of alloy. The herbs have to be fresh. And top of all the person in supervision should have the integrity. Modern machines may do wonders. But Ayurveda products are not the usual run of the mill stuff. Ayurveda requires a personal touch to every medicine. And that's the quality assurance people expect from Samajam as Samajam has never disappointed anyone for over a century.


Research Wing
Research Wing

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Learning Center

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