Research Center

To attain the Center of Excellence in Indian Merdicine (Ayurveda) the college has already established an Academic Research & Information Center (ARIC). Over 400 works on classical Ayurveda & related subject areas are digitalized and preserved for the use of future generations. And the work is going on. The information thus argumented will be made universally accessible through different international languages. Aresearch work is already under progress on Autism Spectrum Disorders under the expert panel of doctors. An outlet of this has been started at Bangalore. Specuality OPD's and a research section has been started on Suputhreeyam (Ante & Post natal care) and Suchethas (Stress & strain management) to revive the lost fame in this branches over a period of time.

Research Advisory Board

Dr.BM. Hegde MD, FAMS, FRCP (London), FRCP (Glasg) FRCP (Edinb.), FACC (USA) Chief Advisor Modern Medicine

Dr.DM Vasudevan MD, FRCP (Former Principal, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi)

Ashtavaidyan Thaikkatt Divakaran Mooss
Sr.M.Gangadharan Vaidar (Bala Chikitsa)
Sri.Avanapparambu Maheswaran Namboodiripad (Visha Chikitsa)
Dr.PK Sankarankutty MD (Ay) Former DAME)
Dr.KP Muralidharan BAM (Former Principal, AVP College, Coimbatore)
Dr.Sr.Doneta MD (Ay)
Dr.MP Santhakumar MD
Dr.V Anandamohan MD, DGO
Dr.VP Gopinathan (Pathology)
Dr.Sasidharan MD Ay
Ashtavaidyan Vaidymadam Rishikumaran Namboodiri
Dr.Eeswra Sharma MD Ay
Dr.Jathavedan Namboodiri Modern Psycg
Dr.Meena Menon Phd Clinical Psychologist
Dr.Dinesan MD Ay

Allied Subjects

Sri.Kanippyyur Krishnan Nambidiripad (Vasthu Sasthra)
Sri.KS Ravunni Panikker (Jyoti Sasthra)
Chittoor Narayana Namboodiripad (Darsanam and Meemamsa)

Research Wing
Research Wing

Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam has already established an Academic Research & Information Center (ARIC). Over 100 works on classical Ayurveda & related subjectMore

Learning Center
Learning Center

Samajam was the first to set up a Padanalayam, a college to the public for studies in Ayurveda with a mind to create genuine physicians. In this regard it gave stipend More