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The Samajam prepares over 300 traditional formulations in Ayurveda based on the great texts of Ayurveda. About 100 rare preparations of medicines developed by great experts of Samajam based on traditional Ayurveda prepared in Samajam for effective cure. All levels and details of production of the medicine are strictly based on the age old sacred knowledge of Ayurveda. Samajam medicines are always in full, strictly conforming to its composition. Stringent quality control effectively executed at every stage of the preparation, right from procurement of raw materials to its packing gives Samajam medicines its value. The quality, strength and effectiveness of the Ayurvedic preparations of Samajam is unquestionably unparalleled. All classical Ayurvedic are manufactured and made available to the public, as per their need..

Samajam Touch

The century old system of manufacturing is still followed in Samajam. Ayurveda requires a personal touch to every medicine. And that’s the quality assurance people expect from Samajam as Samajam has never disappointed anyone for over a century. Samajam has its own innumerable formulations which are the products of a century old research and tradition. The 300 odd medicines prepared in Samajam fall into various categories like Asavams, Arishtams, Grithams, Vadakams, Choornams etc..